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Makes math fun to learn and easy to teach for grades 1 through 9.



A Montessorian's Review

 by Heidi Spietz


Home and school Montessorians are always looking for quality hands-on materials.  It gives me great pleasure to highly recommend Kaidy Educational Resources.  I examined several of the company's products and was elated with what I experienced.

   Students will actually visualize fractions while working with the BarCulator.  Abstract concepts become concrete as the student demonstrates his understanding of fractions.  Maria Montessori often used color coding to help students solidify new concepts introduced.   The color coding of the BarCulator halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, eighths, twelfths and twenty-fourths is thus very consistent with the Montessori method.  By working with this manipulative the student is first introduced to comparing fractions.   

   The BarCulator is a perfect adjunct exercise for students who have been introduced to the Montessori fractional skittles and math fractional insets apparatus. The BarCulator offers a visually stimulating and hands-on approach that many Montessorians will appreciate.

   The Montessori directress can present the fractions using the three period lesson. A control card can be easily constructed so that the student can check his own work.  Students can then learn addition and subtraction of fractions by using this manipulative.  Because the fraction pieces are small, the BarCulator is recommended for those eight years and older.

   The PieCulator also utilizes color coding and further aids the young student with visualization of fractions and allows him to easily make comparisons. I recommend that the teacher purchase the book Fraction Fun with the BarCulator and PieCulator to accompany the BarCulator and PieCulator manipulative.   This book is very well presented and includes many additional activities for helping students see necessary relationships between equivalent fractions or finding the common denominator to name a few.

   The Witzzle Pro is a marvelous exercise that can be done in a home or school setting. The student can work alone at his own pace.  This game like exercise helps students reinforce basic math skills and can be adapted to give those who are learning pre-algebra and algebra much needed individual practice.  The game contains a set of three equal frequency number cubes and 40 beautifully designed playing cards.  Each card consists of nine numbers that are set up in a tic tac toe fashion on the card.  Like other Kaidy Educational products, the Witzzle Pro instructions are well written. 

   The student progresses from that of a beginning player to an experienced and then advanced player. You'll want to visit the website for complete information about this product, the BarCulator, PieCulator and all other fine Kaidy Educational Resources.


Montessori Resources, American Montessori Consulting, Copyright 2002.


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